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Members, Waukesha Kennel Club (WKC -Wisconsin) and Board of Directors (Cathy)

AKC Breeders of Merit for the Finnish Lapphund

AKC Preservation Breeders

Members: Southern Finnish Lapphund Society (of the UK), The Lapphund Club of Finland



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We are Finnish Lapphund enthusiasts, devoted to the breed, with a very select, small group of top quality show dogs.

We are a small hobby breeder and our primary interest is showing our dogs to their highest potential. IF we breed, it is to produce the healthiest, most beautiful and correct breed-type, well structured examples of this breed. We breed only when we wish to keep another dog to show. Occasionally there may be a companion puppy or puppies available at that time.

Because of our love for this breed, and for our individual dogs, we are particular about homes. We will not settle for less than the best in everything we do; from breeding choices to placement. We do NOT ship. Any new owner must fly or drive to meet us and the puppy, and transport it home in your car or in a carrier under your seat inside the cabin of the plane. We require face-to face meetings and have a stringent interview process. Any puppy or dog that we have placed will always have a lifetime home with us. We require that any home that becomes unable or unwilling to keep their Yutori dog, at any time in its life, MUST return it to us. We have always done things this way, and always will. If you have a Yutori Finnish Lapphund, you have the very best. We think you will agree that the quality and 24/7 lifetime support that we provide was worth waiting for.


Breeders of:

2013 Westminster Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex winners; #1 Finnish Lapphund (breed points--for 11 months of 2012 and #2 so far in 2013); #3 AKC Female Finnish Lapphund in 2012; the #2 Finnish Lapphund in the USA for 2011; and #1 Finnish Lapphund in Canada for 2011. Breeders of the only two-time FLCA National Specialty Best of Breed winner (2009 and 2012) (Leif), and the only two-time Canadian FLCA National Specialty Best of Breed winner (2012 and 2013) 'Ukko'.

Breeders of the only Finnish Lapphund (Leif) to receive FOUR CONSECUTIVE Westminster Invitations (issued only to the top 5 dogs in the breed the previous year).

Breeders of the first Silver Grand Champion in the breed (LEIF),

ALL of our dogs are owner-handled to their AKC Champion, and Grand Champion titles.

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What is a Reputable Breeder? And what is NOT (please read)

The price of a quality purebred puppy with guarantees and full breeder support (please read)



Our Experience: 31 years in the sport of AKC Dog Shows (since 1985)

Owners/breeders of Top-Winning, Conformation Show Finnish Lapphunds in North America.

Producer of 15 AKC Champions and 4 AKC Grand Champions to date. More AKC Champions and GrCh's on the way.

AKC fully recognized the Finnish Lapphund on June 30, 3011. Since then, Yutori has completed AKC Ch titles on 11 dogs, Grands on 4 dogs, and nearly completed Champion titles on several additional dogs. Leif recently completed his Bronze level Grand and is on the way to his 3rd level. All of our Champions and Grands are owner and owner/breeder handled to their AKC titles. We prove our dogs' worth as excellent examples of the breed by seeking the opinion of judges in the show ring as well as extensive health testing of every dog that might be used for breeding.

NEWS FLASH: Westminster 2013 BOB Leif and BOS Celie

2012 FLCA National Specialty: Leif wins 2012 FLCA National Specialty (BOB) in DeKalb, IL (and a Group 2 then a Group 3 that weekend)--that was FLCA's first AKC Pointed FLCA Nationals following AKC Breed recognition; this was Leif's 2nd National Specialty Win (1st one was in 2009)--

Leif was ranked #1 Finnish Lapphund through 10/31/2012 and received his 2nd Westminster invite.

Leif was invited to Westminster again for the 3rd time in 2013 (to compete February 2014). A Westminster invite is only given to the top 5 dogs in each breed. Leif also was invited again to Westminster in 2014 (for February 2015 show)--his fourth consecutive invitation.

Best of Opposite Sex at the 2012 FLCA Nationals went to Liika -AKC Ch/UKC GrCh Yutori's Suomi Revontuli

Liika was #1 female Finnish Lapphund through May 2012, and remained the #2 ranked female AND was in the top 10 overall in breed rankings through 10/31/12

Homebred 14 month old Talvi, GrCh Yutori's Winter in the Heart was Winners' Dog the first day and then Best of Winners the next day, earning 2 five point majors and finishing his AKC title that same weekend.



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Contact: If emailing with an inquiry, PLEASE include: 1. your name, 2. your address, 3. how you heard about us, and 4. specifics about the information you seek. If your email only asks if we have pups available, or only asks 'how much', we will not respond. Anonymous emails are not answered. Our puppies only go to people we interview, meet FACE TO FACE at the time of placement AND form a relationship with over multiple contacts in advance of placement. We will NOT ship you a dog. Our dogs are family members and we feel responsible for our puppies for the rest of their lives, REGARDLESS of where they live. To that end, we provide a "lifetime support contract" in writing, with every puppy and we REQUIRE that they be returned to us in the event the owner cannot keep them, for any reason.

--Please Read--

It is important that we emphasize to you, as you read this, just how important it is to us that we produce the very best examples of the breed that we possibly can. We put a great deal of thought and research into our choices, because we want to produce the best companions, the best show competitors and the best performance dogs possible. Our dogs are thoroughly health tested before breeding: OFA Hips, Knees, Elbows, CERF'd Eyes and PRA gene status, AND we do a background evaulation of pedigree to identify, wherever possible, health issues that might be behind those pedigrees. We put our heart, our dreams as well as our time, and a great deal of money into our breeding choices and into the raising of our puppies. A little piece of us goes with each puppy when it goes into a new home and we will always, ALWAYS care about the wellbeing of each and every Yutori puppy--from birth until the day they die. So we do not take our placements lightly and we do have high standards for the homes we select. That includes an interview, face to face. Dogs should never be an impulse item or a piece of furniture, or a holiday gift. They are our children and our responsibility and they always will be.

-- © copyright by Cathy Pollack, poem written November 2011

The poem above epitomizes Silver Grand Champion Westminster BOB, AKC Multi BISS, AKC Multi Grp Placing and Grp Winning, GrCh/UKC Multi BIS, UKC Multi Group winning, UKC GrCh, Yutori's Shades of Autumn, HIC


Above, top left-- GrCh Yutori's Shades of Autum 'Leif'; right--Yutori's Apple of My Eye 'Chip'; bottom left--Yutori's Howlin' at Autumn Moon, 'Finn'

Cathy Pollack and Lynn Drumm

email: or or





And....the following new AKC Champions/Grand Champions or points toward AKC Championship include:

Westminster BOB 2013, MBISS, Multiple Group Placing, AKC SILVER (first in the breed) GrCh. Yutori's Shades of Autumn, 'Leif'

AKC GrCh/UKC Ch. Yutori's Suomi Revontuli, HIC 'Liika'

AKC Ch/UKC Ch. Lapinlumon Nuoskalumi, HIC 'Lumi'

AKC Ch/UKC Ch. Yutori's Chocolate by Chance, HIC 'Suffeli'

Group Placing, AKC GrCh. Yutori's Winter In The Heart, HIC 'Talvi'

AKC Ch/UKC GrCh Yutori's Howlin at Autumn Moon, CGC, HIC 'Finn'

CKC Ch & Multi CKC BISS, Yutori's SuomiFoxfire O Bearspaw, 'Ukko'

AKC Ch/UKC GrCh. Yutori's Autumn Equinnox,CGC, HIC 'Quinn'

Westminster BOS 2013, AKC GrCh. Yutori's Winter Solstice 'Celie'

AKC Ch/Can Ch/UKC Ch Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti, HIC 'Niisku'

AKC Ch/UKC GrCh Sugarok Tenacious, CGC, HIC 'Tina'

AKC Ch. Yutori's Black Eyed Pea, 'Petey

AKC Ch. Yutori's Truly Scrumptious, HIC 'Sunii'

CKC Ch. Yutori N Shadagrace Tiramisu, 'Tira'

AKC Ch. Yutori's Lead Me On, 'Annika"

AKC Ch. Orso Farm Naappero, 'Dancer'





On Sept 24, 2011, Lumi became the first Cream colored Finnish Lapphund AKC Champion in breed history.

In 2013, Leif became the FIRST Silver Grand Champion in the Breed--and the only one, through 9/2014.


'Leif" was BOB at the FLCA FIRST AKC National Specialty, Friday June 3rd, 2009 under judge Mary Ann Brocious, and...On Sunday, July 5th, Leif was BOB and Best in Miscellaneous and litter sister 'Quinn' Yutori's Autumn Equinox was BOS, at the Ann Arbor KC's AKC shows under judge Dr. Thomas Davies after just winning two back-to-back UKC BIS awards 2 weeks earlier on June 20, 2009. Then on April 7, 2012, Leif was BOB again, at FLCA's first AKC pointed National Specialty, under judge Garry Newton. Liika was BOS at that same National Specialty and Talvi was WD. Leif went on to earn a group 2 from judge Newton that day, and then the next day he was BOB again, under judge Gary Sparschu, and earned a Group 3 under judge Sparschu. Meanwhile, Talvi was WD again, going BOW and finishing his AKC Championship.

See our News/Announcements link for recent news and show wins.








Please take the time to read Issho's story, especially if you are a breeder, but as a companion owner too.

It does not matter what breed you own, breed or show...this can happen to anyone.



See our Lappy Events link for photos of our recent herding instinct test, November 2008.




Finland's Finnish Lapphund club has a website click here


Four of the puppies in our first FL litter were AKC CGC titled just after turning 6 months of age; In UKC our only Show venue for conformation titles at the time, 1 is a multiple adult BIS winner, 1 was a BIS puppy winner, another earned a Reserve BIS adult win in her first weekend out, and all 6 earned UKC show Championships before 1 year of age. Four of them (Quinn, Leif, Finn and Chip have earned their Grand Champion titles). All 6 of our puppies have also earned their HIC herding certificates (HIC) before their first birthdays as well. This litter was the first UKC all champion multiple puppy Finnish Lapphund litter (6 puppies), making Tina (the dam), and Teddy (the sire), the first two Finnish Lapphunds to produce an all UKC Champion multi-titled litter in North America. In that litter, 3 of them went into AKC in 2011, at almost 4 years of age, and finished their AKC Championships. One, Leif, is now a Bronze Grand Champion in AKC, nearly to his Silver level and a two-time FLCA National Specialty winner (2009 and 2012) as well as multiple group placing, group winning and Westminster breed winning dog.


Home of, and breeder of #2 (Breed and all-Breed) AKC Finnish Lapphund 'Leif' and the #1 & 2 Finnish Lapphunds in the UKC Top Ten for 2009, and #2 FL in 2010 with one weekend of showing. We have had Yutori owned and Yutori-bred FL's in the UKC Top Ten every year since 2006





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Peikkovuoren Finnish Lapphunds (Finland)

Kennel Lapinlumon (formerly of Denmark -- now Sweden)


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