WESTMINSTER!!!! Leif is 2013 Best of Breed!

Leif is a Dual Grand Champion: AKC Multiple Best In Specialty Show (FLCA Nationals 2009 and 2012), AKC Multiple Group Placing, AKC Bronze level Grand Champion, and UKC Multiple Best In Show, UKC Multiple Group Winning UKC Grand Champion, with Herding Instinct Certificate. He is the first wolfsable AKC Champion & Grand Champion in breed history and the first wolfsable without facial markings to receive the placements and rankings he has achieved. Leif is the 3rd AKC Champion Finnish Lapphund overall, and the 3rd Grand Champion as well as the 3rd Grand (in the breed) to reach the Bronze Grand level.


ALL of our dogs were owner-handled to their AKC Champion, and Grand Champion titles.


#1 Breed ranking 2013 at this time

#1 Breed ranked Finnish Lapphund per Canine Chronicle, April thru Oct. 31,2012

Multi Grp placing, Multi BISS, AKC GrCh, MBIS UKC GrCh Yutori's Shades of Autumn, HIC

Leif became the first two-time FLCA National Specialty winner on April 7, 2012 when he was BOB for the second time at an FLCA Nationals (and our first AKC pointed Nationals since full AKC recognition granted June 30, 2011). His first FLCA Nationals BOB was July 3, 2009 our first National after entering AKC Miscellaneous.

Leif below, awarded Best of Breed April 2012 at the FLCA's first National Specialty held after full AKC recognition--thereby AKC points were awarded for the first time at an FLCA National Specialty at this event. Judge Garry Newton.

Leif went on to be awarded a Group 2 that day, in very heavy competion

Leif below, went on to BOB the next day of this FLCA supported entry, with lots of Lappy competition (since it was the day after our 2012 Nationals) and then earn a Group 3 under judge Gary Sparschu

LEIF started his AKC point shows on July 2nd and finished in 2 weekends, on July 10, 2011 with four majors. On Sept 24, 2011 Leif became an AKC Grand Champion.



AKC GrCh/UKC GrCh. Leif has OFA clear hips, knees, elbows, is CERF'D and PRA clear.

Leif is not at public stud. He may be available (by private agreement on a case by case basis) at stud to Champion* females with all of their clearances (OFA hips, knees and elbows). Prospective mates should also be PRA Status known/tested PRcd gene (via optigen), and with a recent brucellosis test. Leif will also have a current/recent brucellosis test prior to any breedings. He has already been tested for brucellosis (negative).

* We prefer to breed to finished champions. However if the female is of exceptional conformation quality and pedigree, we are willing to discuss individual situations.




To date thru Oct, 2012, Leif is the #1 Breed ranked Finnish Lapphund in the USA, per Canine Chronicle. Leif has received a pre-entry invitation to enter Westminster's 2013 competition again.

Leif and Lynn Meyer on the green carpet below, at Westminster, February 2012



Leif is the #2 ranked AKC Finnish Lapphund in America as of 10/31/11, qualified for the 2011 Eukanuba and has received a pre-entry invitation to Westminster 2012. He is the 3rd Finnish Lapphund to become an AKC Champion and the 3rd AKC Grand Champion in breed history. He has multiple AKC Herding Group placements.

Leif was the FLCA National Specialty BOB (BISS) dog for 2009 (awarded July 3, 2009 by judge Mary Ann Brocious at the Ann Arbor KC cluster). On Sunday July 5th, Leif was awarded BOB and Best in Miscellaneous, by judge Dr. Thomas Davies, at the same cluster. His litter sister Quinn was BOS.

Leif is also a UKC multiple BIS winner.


Leif's 2012 show photos......

Leif --Group 3, Donald Booxbaum judging. Lynn Meyer handling.

Lynn is Leif''s primary handler.

Leif below, group 4 with Lynn Meyer

Leif stepping out with Lynn in the Group, at the IKC Show February 2012 in Chicago (after Westminster)

Leif and litter sister Quinn going BOB and BOB in September 2012 in Kenosha, WI

Leif below earning a group 2 in Kenosha, September 2012


Leif earning a Group 2 in September 2012, Handler Jeri El Dissi

2011 Show photos below

Above, Leif finishing his AKC Grand Championship in 2011, judge Arley Hussin and

Leif at West Bend, BOB judge Klaus Anselm, below

Leif BOB at DeKalb KC, judge Marjorie Tuff

Leif BOB, 4th Major and New Ch, Greater DeKalb KC, Judge Norm Kenney

Leif, Group 4 (Judge was Daniel Fleitas) at Waukesha Saturday 2011, handled by Lynn Meyer

Leif Group 4 at Manitowoc KC, 2011, Judge Brian Meyer

Leif BOB at Manitowoc, KC 2001, Judge Jon R. Cole

Leif BOB, Racine KC Sunday, judge Robert J. Shreve

Leif Group 4, Racine Kennel Club Monday, judge Robert J. Shreve (BOB from Leslie Hiltz), handled by Jeri El Dissi


Leif below, winning BOB at our first AKC FLCA National Specialty, 7/3/09; judge Mary Ann Brocious

pictured with handler/owner/co-breeder Cathy Pollack and breeder/co-owner Lynn Drumm

Leif was the #2 Finnish Lapphund in 2009 per UKC Top Ten rankings

photo by Booth Photography

Leif BOB 09 FLCA Nationa

Below, Judge Brocious handing us our BOB ribbon. photo by Ingrid VanReenen

Leif wins BOB 09 FLCA Nats

Leif, Sunday 7/5/09, BOB and Best in Miscellaneous First AKC Misc Class show weekend,

under Judge Dr. Thomas Davies

Leif 7-5-09 BOB n BIM FLCA weekend 09


Below, Leif BOB and Best in Miscellanous and litter sister Quinn BOS on Finnish Lapphunds first Miscellaneous AKC Show weekend.

Ann Arbor KC, Monroe Michigan, July 5, 2009 under judge Dr. Thomas Davies

photo by Booth Photography

Leif n Quin BOB n BOS 2009 FLCA


Leif has two UKC BIS wins as of June 20, 2009.

He is also a Multiple BOB, Multiple Group 1 winner and Multiple Group placer.

At 19 months old, we are very proud of our home-bred boy.


Leif is one of the puppies from our first liter of six; out of two-time Top Ten breed winner, UKC Gr Ch. Sugarok Teddy Bear and UKC Gr. Ch. Sugarok Tenacious. He did not enter the show ring formally until September 12th, 2008-at just under 10 months of age. He celebrated his first weekend at dog showing by earning his UKC Ch. and earning a spot in the UKC Top Ten for 2008. It was really exciting to have multiple judges validate what we have always believed about Leif--that he has enormous potential. Over and over, we had judges walk right up on his entrance to the ring, and start raving about his maturity and 'presence' for such a tender age. Leif is optimism and grace combined.

As of June 20, 2009, Leif has become #2 ranked Finnish Lapphund in the US to date, vying with his litter-sister Quinn for the top position in the country (UKC Top Ten) for 2009. They are currently separated by only 1 point. At 19 months of age, Leif has now won two Best In Show awards, numerous BOB's and Group 1 placements plus many other group placements.


LEIF is now a Grand Champion as of 3/21/09. AND so far, as of March 2009, is ranked the #1 UKC Finnish Lapphund for 2009.

Leif above, at almost 10 months, finishing his UKC Championship his first weekend out. Photo by Thomas Photography

Photos below by Lynn Drumm



Photo below by Dick's Photography

Leif during his herding instinct test, 11-9-08

Photos below by Lynn Drumm




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