NEWS 2012


New Champion Yutori's Howlin' at Autumn Moon 'Finn' completed his Championship in Fon Du Lac on April 22 under judge Kenneth Buxton, earning BOW and Best Bred by Exhibitor. He completed his Ch all from the BBE class.


FLCA National Specialty 2012 April 7, 2012 in DeKalb, Illinois at the Yorkville Kennel Club shows:

Best of Breed goes to Leif, GrCh Yutori's Shades of Autumn. He is #1 Finnish Lapphund in the USA as of April 8, 2012 and he earned a Group 2 placement Saturday. Sunday, the FLCA supported entry saw Leif also earning BOB and another Group Placement; a Group 3. This is Leif's 2nd National Specialty win (2009 and 2012), so he is now a multiple BISS (Best In Show Specialty) dog, with multiple group placements since entry into AKC June 2012. Leif has multiple AKC Group placements and is also a multiple UKC BIS (Best in Show) winner and group winner.

Best of Opposite Sex went to Liika, Ch Yutori's Suomi Revontuli, at the National Specialty. She is the #1 female Finnish Lapphund in the USA to date. She was #1 overall in the USA for about 60 days at the beginning of 2012--the first time a female has been ranked #1 Finnish Lapphund in the USA. She only needs to defeat 2 more champions to earn her Grand Championship.

Winners' Dog, earning a 5 point major at the National Specialty, and again at the FLCA Supported Entry the next day, goes to Talvi, new Champion Yutori's Winter In The Heart. He was also Best of Winners on Sunday.

NEWS 2011


AKC full recognition June 30, 2011---

New AKC Ch. 'Leif' Yutori's Shades of Autumn finished July 10th, with four 4 point majors--2 weekends.

On Sept 24, Leif became an AKC Grand Champion.

Leif was officially invited to the 2011 AKC Eukanuba National Champions (but we were unable to attend).

Leif has also been officially/formally invited to pre-enter Westminster, in advance of regular entries, because he is ranked #2 as of 10/25/11. Only the top 5 dogs in each breed receive a pre-entry invitation.


As of Aug 31, 2011, Leif is the #2 ranked Finnish Lapphund in the USA, via Breed and All-Breed (Group) Rankings (Canine Chronicle). Leif is the first Wolfsable (wildcolor) AKC Champion in Breed History. He is the 3rd Finnish Lapphund to become an AKC Champion and Grand Champion.

On Sept 24, 2011, Lumi became the first Ceam colored Finnish Lapphund AKC Champion in breed history.


Following Leif, we have the following dogs with AKC Ch titles or points earned since July 2, 2011 AKC Recognition:


AKC Ch/UKC Ch. Lapinlumon Nuoskalumi 'Lumi' (Lapinlumon Elamanilo x Lapinlumon Kiiski)

AKC Ch/UKC Ch. Yutori's Suomi Revontuli 'Liika' (Orso-Farm Naappero x Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti)

AKC Ch/UKC Ch. Yutori's Chocolate by Chance 'Suffeli' (Fidelis Verissimus x Yutori's Autumn Equinox)

Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti 'Niisku' (Lumiturpa Eppu x Peikovuoren Finlanddia) 8 points (three 4 point majors) is also a UKC and Canadian Champion

UKC Gr.Ch. Yutori's Howlin at Autumn Moon, CGC, HIC 'Finn' --7 AKC points (two majors)

UKC Gr.Ch. Yutori's Autumn Equinnox,CGC, HIC 'Quinn' --4 AKC points (1 major)

UKC Gr.Ch. Sugarok Tenacious, CGC, HIC 'Tina' --4 AKC points (1 major)



NEWS 2010

Yutori's Suomi FoxFire, 'Ukko' finished his Canadian Ch in July 2010, just short of 12 months old, then Aug 1 & 2 he was BOB and finished the weekend with Best Puppy in Group, and Regular Group 3. Special thanks to Shaunna Bernardin for her expert handling of Ukko.

Can/UKC Ch. Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti HIC, 'Niisku' finished her Canadian Championship August, 2010, handled exclusively by co-owner Gloria Beaudin--completely owner-handler finished.

All other Yutori dogs have been owner handler finished.

UKC Ch. Lapinlumon Nuoskalumi 'Lumi' recently finished his Championship in 3 shows. Ranked in UKC Top Ten 2010.

UKC Ch. Yutori's Suomi Revontuli, Liika, finished her Championship in 4 shows, June 2010. She recently picked up a leg toward her Grand Ch., another BOB and a Group 2. Ranked in UKC Top Ten 2010.

In earlier news, 'Dublin', UKC Champion Yutori's Riverdance at KeJe, owned by Kelly Jeske, earned his Championship and earned 2 legs toward his Grand Championship.

and 'Chip', UKC Gr. Ch. Yutori's Apple of My Eye, CGC, HIC, NA, NAJ owned by Nick and Mary Avgoulas, finished his Grand Championship.


NEWS 2009

Multiple BIS, BISS (AKC), UKC Gr. Ch. Yutori's Shades of Autumn, HIC--

Friday June 3rd, 2009 'Leif was BOB/BISS at the FCLCA's FIRST AKC National Specialty, under judge Mary Ann Brocious, and...

Sunday, July 5, 2009 he was BOB and BIM, with litter sister 'Quinn' Yutori's Autumn Equinox going BOS at the AKC Ann Arbor KC Shows under judge Dr. Thomas Davis.

Then on June 20, 2009 'Leif' won two back to back Best In Show awards in UKC

May 2009, Niisku earned 2 legs toward her GrCh title (UKC GrCh Peikovuoren Niiskuneiti)

May 2009, Finn earned his GrCh title in Dunlap, IL to become UKC GrCh. Yutori's Howlin at Autumn Moon.

February 2009, Leif earned his GrCh title in Ixonia, WI to become UKC GrCh Yutori's Shades of Autumn.

December 2008, Sony earned her GrCh title in Kalamazoo, MI to become UKC GrCh Sugarok Out N' About Yutori, HIC


08--Wisconsin Boston Terrier Association, Ixonia, WI--Yutori's Autumn Equinox, 'Quinn' (female, Teddy x Tina) was Reserve BIS, and Group 4 in a second show on that date.

On 11/12/07 Yutori Finnish Lapphunds and Shadagrace Kennels were honored to announce the importation of Peikkovuoren Niiskuneiti: a North American 3 way co-ownership arrangement between Cathy Pollack and Lynn Drumm of Yutori Finnish Lapphunds in Wisconsin and Gloria Beaudin of Shadagrace Kennels in Canada. We are extremely grateful to Taina Miettinen and Ari Friman of Peikkovuoren Finnish Lapphunds in Finland for this wonderful opportunity to bring such outstanding bloodlines to North America, and to Linda Marden for informing us about the opportunity. See Niiskuneiti on her webpage.

June 30, 2007: MBIS UKC Grand Ch. Sugarok Dif'rent Drummr 'Haalia' wins a Multi-Breed Best In Show!!!! She is now multi-breed BIS UKC Gr. Ch. Sugarok Dif'rent Drummr AOM (2)


May 4, 2007-- Ch. Sugarok Mocha Latte at Yutori (just 12 months old) has won Best In Sweeps at the 2007 FLCA National Specialty in LaPorte, Indiana. Tina (Sugarok Tenacious) was the American Bred Bitch class winner.

As of November 2007, Haalia (UKC Ch. Sugarok Dif'rent Drummr) is the #1 female Finnish Lapphund in the USA for 2007 so far, per UKC top 10 rankings. She is #5 overall.




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