IF you are a responsible owner, willing to answer interview questions about yourself and your living situation, and meet the breeder in person; IF you are seeking a well socialized puppy born to parents who have passed all health tests, brought up in a reputable breeder's home with lots of love and attention; you may email or to obtain further information. These puppies have AKC, CKC and or UKC Champion or Grand Champion parents, some with CGC, HIC and agility titles as well. Show and companion puppies available only with written contract. No shipping or internet sales. Buyers must meet us face to face, form a relationship with us, pick up the puppy in person, and carry it back in the airline cabin or in your car.

We only breed on a limited basis; when we are considering keeping a puppy and have approved homes waiting. We are very particular, and feel that quality is far more important than quantity. We have only a few puppies in any given year, and they are very special.

Please read this article. This is how we feel about people contacting us about puppies too:



If you are interested in finding a Finnish Lapphund, please contact us at for more information.


Our Philosphy

We only breed on occasion and when we do, it is with an eye to making a step forward within the breed; to produce better than the parents. We are breeding to produce the very best we can, so that superior breed type, structure and conformation will be what goes forward in the gene pool of this breed. Top specimens in a litter are placed preferentially in responsible show/breeding homes. We have companion puppies available in most litters--but spoken for in advance of birth. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a Yutori Finnish Lapphund for the show ring, or as a companion in your home, we have a waiting list. You may contact us at, or

Our philosophy is to "breed the best to the best" and we will not compromise on that. We will breed only dogs who have been PRA tested, (via Optigen if both parents are not already cleared through Optigen genetic testing or both parents PRA-free by Optigen tested parentage). Additionally our dogs will have OFA'd hips, elbows and normal knees. Correct Lapphund temperament with sound conformation, structure and proper breed type (as proven in the show ring) must be present before we will consider breeding...

--Please Read--

It is important that we emphasize to you, as you read this, just how important it is to us that we produce the very best examples of the breed that we possibly can. We put a great deal of thought and research into our choices, because we want to produce the best companions, the best show competitors and the best performance dogs possible. Our dogs are thoroughly health tested before breeding: OFA Hips, Knees, Elbows, CERF'd Eyes and PRA gene status, Thyroid, AND we do a background evaulation of pedigree to identify, wherever possible, health issues that might be behind those pedigrees. We put our heart, our dreams as well as our time, and a great deal of money into our breeding choices and into the raising of our puppies. A little piece of us goes with each puppy when it goes into a new home and we will always ALWAYS care about the wellbeing of each and every Yutori puppy--from birth until the day they die. So we do not take our placements lightly and we do have high standards for the homes we select. That includes an interview. Dogs should never be an impulse item or a piece of furniture, or a holiday gift. They are our children and our responsibility and they always will be.


Contact: If emailing with an inquiry, PLEASE include: 1. your name, 2. your address, 3. how you heard about us, and 4. specifics about the information you seek. If your email only asks if we have pups available, or how much they cost, and nothing else, we will not respond. Anonymous emails are not answered. Our puppies only go to people we interview and form a relationship with over multiple contacts in advance of placement. Our dogs are family members and we feel responsible for our puppies for the rest of their lives, REGARDLESS of where they live. To that end, we provide a "lifetime support contract" in writing, with every puppy and we REQUIRE that they be returned to us in the event the owner cannot keep them, for any reason.







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To the Prospective Buyer:

Our companions are sold only on a spay/neuter contract. Our show quality pups are sold on a showing contract and as such are required to be shown. We require an interview with prospective owners, and aquestionnaireis to be filled out.A deposit of $200 holds a puppy once you have been approved.If we accept a deposit and reserve a puppy for you, but you change your mind, the deposit is forfeit. If we do not have a puppy for you, the deposit will be returned.


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